one hates to dwell on the negative,
but it seems that these past 6 weeks that I have been
waiting/praying/taking it uber-easy/trying to stay of it so my broken foot could heal
have been for naught!

X ray 2

I got my follow-up x-rays Friday, and the break (*can you find it?)
looks about the same as it did on February 19th…a big, gaping crack.
I had a my radiologist-brother take a look and he said,
“You have non-union – not good.
Probably need to get a surgery to approximate the ends of the bone.”

Medical costs????
Another 6 weeks + of taking it easy?#*&%^$@!


Steve Madden – Youth size 4, from Dillard’s

I have a life, man!
I really need some decent exercise!
I wanna wear my strappy summer sandals!!!

I do have an appointment with an orthopedic doc on Wednesday,
so at least they got me in quickly…
but needless to say, I’m kinda bummed…
I mean, this has presented quite the fashion challenge.


I’m still trying to incorporate black into my daily outfits
and not call excess attention to my bootie,
but it’s actually springtime now,
and who wants to wear a lot of black?


this has become one of my go-to outfits,

consisting of a bright coral Free People Trapeze Slip
(worn backwards for more coverage)

and a Caite floral embroidered cardigan, made of jersey knit.
I’m enamored by that swingy shark bite hem


and its sweet and colorful embroidery…
which suckers-me-in pretty much every time
and goes with a myriad of solids.

Paired with skinny jeans or leggings, it’s quick, easy, fun, and not too dark,
like, for instance, my mental state.
But fear not…

*mid-foot, on the 5th metatarsal, aka baby-toe bone…damn!

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5 Responses to “Easy-Peasy”

  1. Oh no! The good news is that we are mend-able, I hope this setback doesn’t smack you too hard. Hang in there! You still look great if that’s any comfort.

  2. That cardigan is gorgeous! Wearing black is not so bad if that’s what you have available. Maybe you could dress up your bootie with some ribbons or cloth flowers or brooches – be outrageous! And good luck with whatever comes next.

  3. Ouch! I am so sorry Dawn to hear this.. well, if it takes a surgery to get you better, I guess that is it. Really hope you get better soon. On to more fun subject, I love all your stuff, you know that and this cardi is no exception :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  4. Ooh, that’s not good… Hope you can get that pesky toe sorted out without too much pain and expense.
    On the plus side, the embroidered cardigan is beautiful! xxx

  5. You’re in luck! Black is good for this summer! Well sort of. But I’d go black and white for a while. Is there another alternative to your boot? Can you put a pretty sock on it? Cover it in glitter? If it was me, I’d wear a sandal on the other foot and floaty, summery clothes, anything I want and let the bootie come along for the ride. Can’t hide it, may as well decorate it?
    I’m sorry, sweetie. I’d be crazy that I couldn’t wear heels!

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