Embroidery Rush!


Over the years I’ve fervently collected and worn scads of colorful bohemian and ethnic clothing.
Seriously…they turn me on, man!


From vintage handmade Guatemalan cloth to my old Mexican jacket…


to tops made more recently in all parts of Latin America…


like this piece of art
- made by an award winning Oaxacan family -
that was totally hand stitched
using an old traditional method that actually separates the cloth fibers.

Some pieces are more contemporary,
from brands such as Johnny Was, Biya, Free People, and Lucky.


I think about the time,
the intent,
the working hands,
and the cultures
that created these soulful pieces.


This love of beauty, the work ethic, the talent, the boldly jeweled colors…
the serious delight that these masterpieces have brought into my life.

What turns you on – style-wise, that is???

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6 Responses to “Embroidery Rush!”

  1. Wow, that’s a gorgeous collection, and beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. I especially like the black (jacket?) and white top in the fifth picture down.

  3. The hand embroidery is so attractive and colorful, you could hang it on the walls instead of in the closet.

  4. I can see why you are drawn to these colourful embroidered clothes, the workmanship is wonderful. I am always attracted to late 1960s/early 1970s clothing – a maxi dress with a fabulous print and angel sleeves is my style turn-on! xxxx

  5. Drapey, billowy, sheer,fringe.. I love them. Always been a hippie at heart :) By the way I went shopping online store of Free People and I saw you! ;)You looked great.

  6. You have collected some glorious pieces. So great in the context of where you live , too. You’re looking especially beautiful in the layered dresses above!
    I’m thrilled with fit and flare dresses, and love wearing them. Who am I kidding … it’s because I always need SHOES to go with. It’s always about the shoes.

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