Flea Market Scores!


My friend, Leia, and I had a stellar time in Santa Fe last weekend.
We had an awesome art show on the square, ate tons of green chile, visited with old friends, and enjoyed copious amounts of shopping.


Before setting up on Friday, we were able to blast over to the Tesuque flea market, where I found several light wraps at mondo-super-killer prices.


I bought the lightest ones in both black and a rich taupe…


 burgundy and cinnamon ones with a little heavier gauge knit,


and a pink and black poncho-style number that knocked my socks off!

These might very well be the perfect lightweight cover-ups,
flowy-casual-chic style
great prices
vivid  colors
varied weights
cover your butt length
easy care
instant pizzazz!

How do you spell S.C.O.R.E?

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2 Responses to “Flea Market Scores!”

  1. You must be the best-wrapped woman in the blogosphere with that haul. I can’t believe you found them all at one flea market! Butt coverage would definitely be a winning factor for me. You and Leia look gorgeous and I love your smile in front of your booth. I hope you sold lots!

  2. Great wraps – lovely colours, they will be a wonderfully useful addition to your wardrobe. You sound as though you had a really good time! xxxx

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