Foiled Attempt!

Have you ever played in your closet and found something that you really liked, only to be stopped in your tracks???


This week, while getting ready for work, I wanted to build an ensemble around a certain Free People tunic,
which I was able to do…
until it came to the shoes.


It’s not that I couldn’t find the right ones…
I actually had the perfect pair,
purchased @ a favorite boutique called Maya in Santa Fe four years ago.
I was even feeling the hutzpah to wear them,
but I have that broken foot thing going on!



Mill Valley Blazer
Free People Tank Tunic
Gee Wa Wa Sandals

And for once, it was feeling it so effortless!!!


Mimi Chica Lace Dress


Desigual Tunic
Hard Tail Mesh Tee

I’ve got some green ideas going for St. Patty’s day, tho.
Gotta stick with the positives, yes?

Linked with Spy Girl’s 52-Pick-Me-Up: Go Green!

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9 Responses to “Foiled Attempt!”

  1. Can you wear them if you just sit in one place, maybe cross your legs and show off the shoes? They’re very cool, it seems a shame you can’t wear them when you want to. Damn nerves!

    I love that Desigual tunic! I always spot Desigual when I see their things on blogs. Maybe I should splurge and get something for myself. I’m being sorely tempted…

  2. That has happened to me too. I hope that pain goes away because of course pain is tiring but also because these shoes are awesome. This is a great outfit! – all of them in fact. You look so great above the feet, I’m sure a lesser pair of shoes could be okay stands-ins.

  3. I really like the last tunic. And the sandals are great!

  4. The sandals are so cool – you’ll be wearing them again soon, I hope. Love these looks, thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. Love love love that last outfit! I am not familiar with that brand……I will have to check it out. Hope your foot problem resolves itself soon, those are great sandals.

  6. Love your shoes. They look great with all your outfits.

  7. I read that feet, noses and ears continue to grow a little throughout our lives. Shoes I wore just 4 years ago rub in all the wrong places now! Those are awesome green shoes! :-)

  8. Oh that is such a shame! All the outfits look great, you really rock the tunic/dress over jeans look! Hope the nerve problem resolves so you can wear those fabulous shoes again. xxx

  9. All adorable … no Band-Aids? You know those shoe stretchers that that are advertised on late night TV? They work like a charm, especially for tricky spots, not just general sizing up. I’ve also used a curling rod with a hot tip to work bad places on shoes … Dan has problems with his shoes, so I’ve become an expert. So cute sandals … hope they get to keep their happy home.

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