Do you think anyone will notice…


my ‘Humil-a-Bootie’
if I wear it with other black footwear?

Since I’m somewhat of the matchy-matchy bent,
and  I don’t want to draw undue attention to said bootie,


I’ve been scouring my closet for all my black items

in the hope of conjuring up new and interesting combinations
that I plan to post every couple of days during my penance.


Until further notice
it seems that my basic uniform will consist of the following:


 I have my solid blacks…


 the blacks with a little something added…


and the somethings with a little black mixed in.

My task is to explore some new combos that are
interesting and fresh,
fun and edgy,
brilliant and perky…
but with a much more limited palate than I’m used to.


I mean, here they are, folks…
my three pairs of low heeled black boots.
The others are dead to me right now.


So here we go!
I’m attempting to lighten things up today with a ruffled tunic,
flowy cardigan,
…and my left Old Gringo boot.

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12 Responses to “Humil-a-Bootie”

  1. I laughed as I read your post…the white jacket on my site today is my attempt to lighten up my black…I love black so much..but perhaps wear it too much! You look lovely in your lighter versions!

  2. Oh your poor foot! How long will it have to bear the humiliation of the bootie? Not too much longer, I hope. At least you can still rock the frills and flounces, that is such a cool tunic dress! xxx

  3. Ah, so sorry about needing the bootie. You still love very cool! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. That is a shame about the bootie, but on the bright side you do have 3 brilliant choices of foot ware for the other foot.

    That peasant skirt is gorgeous.


  5. Aww, feel better quickly!! I confess I love all the options you have as you embrace your black wardrobe. But then again, I would. I love an almost all-black ensemble. I’ve been fighting to introduce more color. Seeing all the pieces lined up together was a joy. XXOO

  6. I hope your foot heals really soon cousin. XO Suzy

  7. Those boots on the left!!! Very nice! Fun wardrobe :)

  8. I would rock the foot proudly.. you know, looks like I’ve climbed the Everest and sprain myself on the way down ;) BUT I am sure you can easily distract attention from it with your outfit, especially nice colorful ones! Hope you get better soon :)

    From Dubai with xxxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  9. Ah…if it was only a sprain!

  10. Oh my dear, I feel for you. Hope you’ll get better soon.
    In the meantime you’re styling your outfits really well, turning the attention to other points like your ruffled tunic.
    You look lovely.
    Thank so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits

  11. You look mavvelous! Wear anything that makes you feel pretty and get your sad little buns in to hang out with me! I’ve got the queens seat (complete with footsy-evevation space) awaiting you! ;)

  12. Here’s an alternative. I know you have a ton of scarves … put on a dress, wear one of the cute shoes you want to wear with it, and then wrap a scarf around the cast cover, flaunt it like a flag and go on down the road. It’s not like no one will notice your cast in any case. No matter what, have fun and heal fast!

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