In the Pink

On the final day of our vacation in Santa Fe, Leia took me to this folk art mall with incredible items from all around the world.


 I found this tunic in my favorite color…in fact, it’s the color of my first-ever tunic, which I literally wore out!
And as  luck would have it, it was the least expensive one I found, to boot!


It’s really quite long,
meaning that for most normal people, it would be considered a dress.


And check out the darling eyelet details on the sleeves and hem!


Match this baby up with some retro pink (Naya) sandals
and the proverbial skinny jeans,


add some unexpected pearls,


and you’re good to go!
Easy, peasy!

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3 Responses to “In the Pink”

  1. oK…seriously……..I have such shoe envy!!!!!!

  2. Truth be told, I have a shoe fetish, which translates into lots of pairs of shoes and boots! Once I even gave up looking at or buying shoes for Lent! I have a size 5 D-width foot and if they weren’t such a weird size/shape, I would REALLY have a problem!!! Some people, who will remain nameless, already think I do…
    I am of that generation that wants some matching with my accessories, so I ‘have to have’ a variety of colors…plus I’m starting to want (all) my shoes to make a statement…and still be comfortable, as well. We’ll see about that…but I’ll be sure to have more footwear to come!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Funnily enough I have just done a post about finally coming around to pink! Still can’t do pastels, but a strong vibrant shade like your lovely tunic is great, fabulous sandals too. Love the broderie anglaise (eyelet) detail. xxxx

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