Layers Indeed

The numerous Arctic blasts that hit the East and Midwest have been brutal this year…
and here we were in the central Arizona mountains,
sitting so pretty for a month with 50 and 60 degree temperatures…
until last week when we got rain and wind and sogginess….
which we fully deserve,
I might add.

Alter Ego Mexicana Art Studio

Alter Ego Mexicana Art Studio

The good news was that
it was finally time to layer it up,
so that I did!


Starting with my skinny BDG jeans,
I donned a gray T-Party cowlneck tunic
and a sweet floral top by Scrapbook.


The top’s details…
a shark bite hem,
lace cut-outs down the sides,
and the dainty wrapped back give it some unique character.
(I especially like the rear view in this…a very rare phenomenon!)


Add a statement sweater,
such as this Free People floral number,


matching (not a dirty word in my book) El Naturalista boots,

and a scarf,
and you’re ready to brave the elements!

***Different lengths***
***Some kind of color scheme***
 ***a standout piece***
and hit it!

Has it been cold enough to layer it up where you live???
I’m certainly appreciating that we’re getting the best of both worlds here in Prescott.
Stay warm and have a great week!

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~ by admin_aef on February 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “Layers Indeed”

  1. Shark bite hem? That’s a new word for me and I love it, the word and your top. I laughed about your rear view quip. This is a great ensemble, guaranteed to keep you warm in mind and body. This is a gorgeous mix on you.

  2. Lovely layering, gorgeous colours, great shapes and soft textures; it’s worth the crappy weather to be able to wear this outfit! You look fabulous, rear view included! xxx

  3. Great layering!
    I just nominated you for the Shine On Award. See for rules

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