Leggings & Bloomers

I went on a little trip here in Arizona last weekend…
first to Flagstaff, en route to La Posada in Winslow to sell some of my art work,
then on to Show Low to visit an old friend and my family.
One might not expect that there would be much shopping in these small towns, but I do have a couple of favorite haunts.
It turned out to be a great time of year to pick up some leggings,
which my kitty, Sasabee, evidently approves of.


In Flagstaff, I bought two pairs of ANGIE brand leggings in a scrumptious purple and a rich forest green.
They were what I call Flagstaff style, meaning that they have fleece inside…
and were only $15 each!


In Show Low, I found a pair of  leggings in a beautiful peachy-cocoa-neutral color –  also for $15,


and another stellar pair of  ANGIE patterned leggings.
I’m absolutely loving the great colors…and these were a whopping $25…
not bad in my book!


I don’t know if these count,
but I also bought a pair of ruffle-bottomed capri-length bloomers by AVATAR that are cuter than sin!


I would love to have the chutzpah to wear them out…
but we’ll have to see…
they may be delegated to be jammies!


Then I remembered that I have a longer brown pair of the same brand
that I had my seamstress put a bigger elastic waist-piece on…
because the rise was so low, and ‘cuz I believe in comfort!


Dig those multi-colored ruffles!


Digging deeper yet into my closet, I finally found a pair of black bloomers with even more ruffles.
These don’t have a tag, so I know not whence they came…
except that I bought them in a boutique in Jerome,  AZ last year.


I do believe that when the weather cools sufficiently,
I will vow to put these ruffly pieces back on and actually figure out how to style them!

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2 Responses to “Leggings & Bloomers”

  1. I’m sensing a trend here – lots of bloomers lonely in the closet. You look great in these. Throw on some boots with them and you’re good to go. And with that awesome dress/tunic no one will know which way to look.
    Great scores on the leggings.

  2. I agree with Mel – those bloomers need boots!
    The leggings look warm and cosy, I especially like the patterned ones.
    Sasabee is a beauty – my old cat was a naughty tortie, they have such personality (grumpy, usually, but I like that!) xxxx

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