Lent and My Shoe Fetish

I’m reposting “Lent and My Shoe Fetish” from 2 Easters ago…it’s my favorite post of all time, so I thought I’d share it again in light of Citizen Rosebud’s Ode to Shoes!IMG_7759
People frequently see my work and ask me, “Are you Catholic?”  I’m not… but I’ve decided to observe LENT this year…starting tomorrow for 40 days, + Sundays, as dictated by tradition.


Some people give up sugar, cussing, or being a couch potato…but I’m going a different route.  You see, I LOVE SHOES!!!   There, I said it.   I enjoy surfing websites in search of the perfect boots or sandals, at the best possible price.  Unfortunately, I frequently spend way too much time and money in doing so.


Most likely, only people who share my compulsion will understand and not think of me as totally indulgent, shallow minded, materialistic, and frivolous.  Just posting this could invite judgement and ridicule…but maybe there’s a little empathy out there?  For what it’s worth, I believe that I have the weirdest feet known to womankind.  My shoe fetish may be some form of over-compensation…or maybe I inherited the shoe-lovin’- gene from Grandma B.  The problem is, I’m a SIZE 5…many companies don’t even make that size anymore because womens’ feet have been getting bigger for decades!   They’re D-WIDTH…and according to the shoe companies, feet can only be wide after you’ve reached size 6.  And, if that weren’t enough, my ”big” toe is a full 1/2 inch shorter than my second toe, making for a weirdly-shaped foot.   Think of mine as hobbit feet, minus the fur.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Who in Heaven’s name couldn’t go for a month and a half without checking out and/or buying footwear???  What a LENT cop-out!”  Well, what if the perfect pair passes me by???  Or if that snappy burgundy pair of boots goes on a 50% off sale?  I mean, it’s pretty ironic that I adore shoes and that very few actually fit me.  Maybe my whole shoe-buying life has been penance in the form of this cruel joke!   Nonetheless, I’m resolved to prove that I can do it…NO TIME SPENT SURFING THE WEB LOOKING and NO BUYING ALLOWED…period!


 If I falter with my resolution, I hereby pledge to donate double the number of pairs of my beloved shoes to the Soles4Souls Charity.


       Lord knows I’ll practice discipline, plus save time and money.  Maybe this Catholic idea agrees with me after all!?!

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12 Responses to “Lent and My Shoe Fetish”

  1. Dawn, my ex-husband had very narrow feet, AA width to be exact, and he had a terrible time finding shoes that fit. He also had a “thing” for shoes! Maybe it’s that “wanting what you can’t have” dynamic??? Great post! :-)

  2. this is hilarious….I now have green boot envy! Good Luck…! funny post

  3. LOVE that photo!! I was thinking I should do the same – well that is give up SOMETHING for lent. I considered cheese, but that seems doomed to failure!! Giving up, say, anchovies, would be easier. ANYWAY I salute your fearless revelations of the soul. HA! Get it? Sole?

  4. I love your shoes, especially the green boots. Good luck. I’m sure you will succeed and if you don’t, they’ll go for a good cause. Tee Hee. :) Take care.

  5. haha, you and my daughter…I will suggest she think about this in honor of her Catholic father!

  6. It’s good that you are willing you sacrifice something that is difficult for you, Dawn. There has always been a blessing after surrendering something, especially nice to know that obsessive habits can change, that we can be healed.
    I don’t think your shoe thing is weird. Each of us holds on to different stuff.

    Hugs to you!


  7. Hmmm, so I can blame the weird feet on grandma and grandpa, too, hey? Clever post, Aunt Dawn! You just made sense of why I have a thing for shoes…all the while it seemed like you were talking right next to me. Your writing carries your tone of voice so well!

  8. tomorrow marks our first week of lent.
    i am sure you are receiving great encouragement from steve, who most likely fully embraced your penitence choice . i have heard of other choices for lent that are not so favorably experienced by ones marido!

  9. Dear Dawny,
    You absolutely had me in stiches with your clever, informative (lots of issues in finding shoes that fit…yikes!), and truly heart-felt writing.
    I am pulling for you girl. You are intelligent, delightful, and you are disciplined. You goal is well within your reach, and after knowing all I now know about your tiny, UNIQUE feet, I am so proud of you!!! You go girl!
    Love, CARLA

  10. i love rust…and shoes ;-)

  11. this is hilarious : )

    My sister has the opposite problem… a long and extremely narrow foot with an even narrower heel. She has to buy some Italian shoe in order to find a good fit (at least that’s what she says ;)

  12. BRILLIANT! I’m with you- it’s a HARD pledge to keep even for just a month- I wish you luck and success. Maybe I’ll unofficially join you- 30 days no new (or thrifted shoes for me)
    Thank you for linking to Shoe Shine- YOU ARE A STAR!

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