Like It or Not?

Do you ever buy something that you loved in the store,
then got it home, played in your closet, and you weren’t so sure???


This was the case with this little Luii jacket.
I loved the colors,
and the pattern was bold and  pretty, too,
but there was something about it that said old lady…
which I may well be approaching,
but I don’t feel the need to scream it from the rooftops!


Could it be the brocade-like fabric?
Nope…I love a little texture.


The 1950′s shape and detailing?
I must admit, there is a hint of bun-in-the-oven-ness here,
but vintage styles are known for their different shapes, which I adore.


It is updated a little with its gathered back and high-low-dipping backside.



I knew it would look cute with a simple black dress,

but to test it, I decided to just throw it on over my everyday garb and see what happened.


I’m thinking it’s a big YES.

It’s a little statement piece that oozes versatility and charm…
kinda like my women friends…
and I wouldn’t dream of living without them!

Luii Jacket
J.Jill Dress
Dansko Boots

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10 Responses to “Like It or Not?”

  1. I think it’s a big YES, too!

  2. Oh yah, I did a similar thing recently: bought this woven jacket off Etsy that I thought was tres hip. Got it home, looked up the tag (Sugar Street Weavers) and discovered it IS an old lady jacket! But Old Lady is cool and can def be funked out, as you have with yours. I’m kinda a fan of the Granny look now, but hip granny. :)

  3. I don’t think it says Old Lady at all! I think it’s bright and funky and fabulous, like you, Dawn! Anyway, as with most clothing, it’s all in the styling, which you have done wonderfully. xxx

  4. Definitely big YES. This looks young and cool now. It’s weird how we can’t put our finger on something sometimes – I have a few pieces like that. I’m glad you found a way.

  5. I’ve totally had this happen. I sometimes think the mirrors in the change rooms are trick mirrors like the ones at the fair. Ideally when this happens it isn’t a vintage or thrifted piece so I can still take it back. But I’ve been known to just put it back in a bag and take it the next time I go to the consignment store. We can’t be spot on all the time.

    This piece is very unique. I can see why you were drawn to it. The colours alone are gorgeous for this time of year.

    I kind of like it over your jeans best. A little bit boho.


  6. I read the first 2 lines and I said to myself “Story of my life!” But this jacket of yours is really nice, I love the detail, the print and you pair it well. It’d look good even over simple tee and jeans so I say YES too!


  7. Yes, this top is fabulous and you have styled it to perfection! LOL at 50′s styles having a “bun in the oven” look – there were a lot of babies born that decade : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. YES…YES…YES… it with the jeans

  9. You are quite right… you make it work. I’m having a bit of an issue these days, myself, making decisions on the hanger. Lots of what is “new” looks dated to me. The sleeves on this jacket, for instance. However, you wear it layered with a longer, tighter sleeve, as it is meant to be worn, and it looks absolutely right. Very you in terms of content and context. You did good!

  10. I especially adore the second to the last photo’s styling!

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