Matching Shoes…Really?

Recently at work, I was accessorizing a new window display.  To match an awesome leather blazer, I found a sweet pair of little brown booties. When I told the girls about the perfect match, the two 30-somethings simultaneously gasped,”NO!”  They hated the idea of “matching” shoes…but the owner’s mom and I (50 & 60-somethings) both  thought it was great!


My fashion guru, Lauren, told me to
always tie in similar colors on the top and the bottom of every outfit,
and I totally agree…
but not in the Grandma-matched-shoes-and-purses kind of way.


Obviously, a quick way to do this is by adding coordinated footwear.

Now, according to the April 2013 issue of GL AMOUR magazine,
30% of women have 1-10 pairs of shoes
 39%  have 11-20 pairs
 15% have 21-30 pairs
11% have 31-50 pairs
 5% of US have over 50 pairs…

Rack #1

Rack #1

And here I am…busted, yet again…
but really, isn’t one-pair-of-shoes-for-each-year-I’ve-been-alive playing by the Fashionista rules?

A Pop of Color, Perhaps?

A Pop of Color, Perhaps?

In reality, I sometimes wonder…
Am I sick?  Weird?  Too indulgent?  A shoe hoarder?
But on a positive note…maybe I’m really just discerning, creative, and fun?


Regardless of your level of obsession,
if you have colorful shoes/boots/sandals, why not play with them?
They can easily be the stand-out pieces that tie everything together
AND totally make your outfit shine!


AlterEgoFashionista  Tip#4
 Fast fix:  Go for killer, color coordinated footwear

…and then don’t feel guilty about it!

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4 Responses to “Matching Shoes…Really?”

  1. you are adorable and I have Boot Envy!

  2. Graaasshopper… Can I share this deep wisdom (link) with the followers on Hop Sing’s Facebook? It’s not everyday I’m referred to as a “fashion guru”… and yes, I stand firmly on the rule of pulling your footwear into the color scheme happening somewhere on top! ~ Swami Lauren

  3. I love the plaid ones!

  4. That jacket is adorable.

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