Moody Couture

I love the idea of laying out my clothes before I hit the sack…
it doesn’t seem to work very well for me…
this woman-of-many-moods that I am.

It totally depends how I feel on that particular day:


I might feel pudgy,
but I go straight into denial
as I search for something especially slimming.


I might feel washed out,
and need something to brighten me up,
so I go for my favorite reds, corals, pinks, or purples.


I might feel cranky,
so I wear something a bit more subdued
as to not heighten my volatility.


I might be freezing,
and need something to warm my bones,
so I hunt for multi-layering pieces.


Then again,
I might be too hot,

so I want to cover up my delicate skin,
but still be cool.


I might be working at the boutique
so I choose to wear something
especially fun and hip and edgy.




I’m pretty much always casual,
searching for that easy-to-throw-on-and-always-look-great kinda look…
the simple go-to’s that work every time.

I’m curious…
can anyone out there consistently and successfully
pick out your ensembles the night before???
I wanna know your secrets.

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7 Responses to “Moody Couture”

  1. I cannot decide the night before. I sometimes change clothes two or three times in the morning, as I work to find something that feels right. I love your style.

  2. The only time I put stuff out the night before is if I’m traveling or on a cruise and know exactly what I’m doing the next day. Other than that, I’m like you said…how do I know the night before what I’ll feel like the next day???

  3. You can’t plan ahead cuz, you are a lovely fashion butterfly… fluttering from one pretty frock to the next…. :)

  4. I think Hop Sing is right – you’re a fashion butterfly! Pretty colors and clothes with wings.

    I generally try to get the basics in my head the night before so I’m not at a total loss and rushing around in the morning. But I have to go with my moods, too. Do you ever read Sheila at Ephemera? She picks out her outfits for the whole week, and they’re fabulous! She wrote all about it a couple of months ago.

  5. I have been to Ephemera before, but will check out this particular post. I haven’t a clue how to plan that far ahead where clothing is concerned! Thanks, Val!

  6. You are NOT pudgy at all. You are just perfect. I love your ensembles, I want to look like that but I always end up in jeans & a big T-shirt. You are amazing & very talented when it comes to your dress. I wish I had that talent. If you lived closer I come over & pick your brain as to what I should wear. Keep going-you’re doing terrific!

  7. PS I never pick my outfits the night before. I, like you, have to see what my mood is & also what I’ll be up to that day. :)

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