More Favorites

This week I paired up some of my favorite cold-weather pieces,
as the temperatures are in that perfect phase of sixties-seventies by day
and significantly cooler at night.


This combo mixes some of my all-time favorites.
(Okay…so I say that a lot!)
First up is this cute little DESIGUAL tunic, which is bright and cheery…
and it has pockets, to boot!


Speaking of which…
next are my olive EJECT combat boots
(which have a removable purple “spat” attachment – more on that later)


and my HARD TAIL
looks-great-over-everything  jacket.
It looks gray until seen in the light, when it’s really green…very cool!


It has 3/4 sleeves, so it’s not much use in the throes of winter, but otherwise it rocks!
Made of a thick, cozy sweatshirt material, I can wear it out or even to the gym.
The fitted profile makes it flattering for any figure, no?


When you get right down to it…
happiness is layering season!

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4 Responses to “More Favorites”

  1. Colourful tunic? Great fitting jeans? Cool boots? It’s another great Dawn outfit! And the jacket adds another layer of loveliness! xxxx

  2. Love that tunic with the olivey green and all the bright colors. I saw some very cool Hard Tail jackets a few months ago, and I wish I’d bought one. They were in another town, so I can’t just change my mind and run out and buy one.

    I like the way you have such a consistent style. It looks like you could almost pair any jeans with any tunic – such an efficient and signature way to dress!

  3. The jacket is cool indeed! Love the 3/4 sleeves perfect for in between seasons!

    Greetings from Dubai :)

  4. You take Boho lots of ways, which eliminates the problem of boredom with a specific style! You go very girly, flirt with tailored, play with menswear … always varied, and individualized. Of course, looking pretty and feminine with the contrast of the very rough-tough boots!

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