Muertos Costume Choices


I love celebrating Dia de Los Muertos!

While visiting my folks in Tucson a few years ago, my Mom and I went to Savers
- one of my favorite thrift stores -
and my Mom found this…


a 19760′s-1970′s Mexican wedding dress in the hottest of pinks
on sale for $5!!!
Why no one snatched this up at it’s original price of $10 I’ll never know…
I’ve seen much less desirable models for well over $100 on Ebay several times.
I guess it goes in the category of “meant to be” for me!


It is incredibly well made, with all its lace and pin-tucking, all its gathers and glory.

It was a tier too long for my 5’1″ frame,


so I took  the bottom ruffle off and saved a piece for the shockingly low plunging neckline
and sewed it in tight!

Dawn Pic

I wore it at our “rehearsal dinner”


for a Christmas picture when we owned the Metro


and at various Dia de Los Muertos celebrations.

Hmm…what to wear this year???

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5 Responses to “Muertos Costume Choices”

  1. What a gorgeous dress! It was meant to be yours. It’s lovely that you have so many memories and photographs of it.

  2. Love the style that you and your hubby demonstrate with the 1950s Nash Metropolitan. A fantastic photo that will be timeless!

  3. That is one amazing dress, and you look beautiful in it. Ha, I would have left the plunging neckline as it was and showed some cleavage! xxxx

  4. That is a pretty dress!! I like how you adjusted it for you! and $5–that really was meant to be!

  5. I love this maxi dress. The colour is gorgeous. Even I love wearing maxi dresses.

    I’m visiting from the Monday Bloom link-up!

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