My Boho Chapeau

While changing out my winter wardrobe this week, I realized that I really didn’t have a boho hat…so I trotted down to my favorite store – Hop Sing Trading Company -


and Lauren gave me a great deal on this USA made Eugenia Kim felt number…


complete with a flowered hatband/belt.


Then, I added my own little touch.


I can’t  claim to be a BoSheMian Sista without my own boho chapeau, right?

And the best part?
I accidentally put it on the ’house’ credit card…
- hey, my new one just came and they’re both the same color now -
and my husband responded that this time, the house could buy me a hat!
Gotta love it when he embraces my inner boheme!

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  1. Adorb’s!

  2. A chapeau made even more beautiful with your own special touch! Thank you for linking up to Hat Attack!

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