My Mexican Dress


I just returned from a magical week in Puerto Vallarta
surrounded by 11 unbelievably awesome women
in a tropical paradise,
eating the BEST food on the planet,
and making stupendous art
under the dynamic expert direction of master artist and teacher Susan Wechsler.

I kid you not,
Hacienda Mosaico
was a veritable tropical paradise…
and our beautiful and talented hostess, Sam, was delightful beyond words!




We had breakfast every morning at 9:00


then worked until lunch at 2:00


and maybe worked some more,
or hung out by the pool,
or went for a walk,
or chatted with new friends,
or took a nap,
or went to the beach,
or had a libation…


but back to the dresses!
Remember my plain white dress form?
Here’s how it played out…







There are a few areas I want to tune up now that I’m home,
but all in all,
I’m delighted with every aspect of this


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14 Responses to “My Mexican Dress”

  1. Gorgeous color everywhere! I wanna go!

  2. Wow, you are SO talented! I hope your foot heals quickly.


  3. Oh my goodness, I was looking through the Visible Monday posts and I saw your beautiful tile dress. It made me think of a friend here in Boulder who teaches mosaic sculpture. And when I clicked …. I saw it was Susan!! What a tiny tiny world. Seems like it was a (mostly) amazing experience. : ) Ana

  4. EEek! That foot looks painful.

    I LOVE the dress. Turned out so great!


  5. Love that dress, and your trip sounds divine. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. Ouch, ouch, your poor little foot! TLC emergency. I hope you are getting better.
    That dress you made is incredible. What a work of art. The great vibes of the place have channeled perfectly to make this a stunning piece. Glad you had a great time.

  7. How fun, wonderful, and beautiful! It looks like paradise – until you hurt your foot. I hope you were well medicated!

  8. Ouch! But seriously I think even with that your vacation must be a blast! So many colors in the images above and those little dresses you made, they are stunning!

  9. I love your dress! Were your flowers and tiles supplied or did you purchase them at shops in PV? Great color choices!

  10. This sounds like a dream vacation and that piece of art is quite the master piece.

  11. Fabulous piece, O Talented One! Sounds very like paradise, and I’m so glad you got to attend. Poor baby … is that your little foot with the pink toes? What did you do?

  12. Oooooo, Awwwwww, Ohhhhhh, Ouuuuch!! <3

  13. what a FABULOUS week with wonderful woman who were so supportive of one another- can’t wait to see what Dawn makes next year!

  14. What a lovely trip, it sounds heavenly. Your little dress turned out great, but ouch to your poor foot! xxx

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