My Besty, Betsy

Every year, it goes like this:

 Christmas  on 12/25
New Year’s on 1/1
My Birthday on 1/7

I mean, I have to party for several weeks straight!

Enter Betsy:




For the past 27 years,
my dear/sweet/generous/darling/smarty-pants/cutie/stylish friend Betsy and I
have thrown birthday parties for each other.

This year,
I’ll be wearing a dress I purchased at Clothes Hound,


which is owned by Betsy and her daughter, Candy.
(That’s where I show up for work each Wednesday.)


I didn’t get a chance to wear this little cutie on our Christmas vacation in Palo Alto,
so I’ll wear it this Friday
at my ParTay.

Who cares if I’m a teensy bit over-dressed?


This dainty little number is from 4 Love and Liberty, which is a subsidiary of Johnny Was.


The fabric glides dark and effortlessly over my winding curves
and the look is


Sing it loud, now:

It’s my party and I’ll rock if I want to…
R-ock if I want to…
R-ock if I want to…
You would rock too, if  you had a frock new…
Whoo hoo
Wouldn’t you? 

I pulled muscle a in my shoulder
****must be my newly acquired age****
so I’m unable to model this sweet ditty,
just yet.

If I don’t party too raucously,
tune in this weekend for some pictures of said frock in action.

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4 Responses to “My Besty, Betsy”

  1. Happy Birthday! Betsy looks like a fun friend, and I’m sure you two will rock your party. I love the new lyrics to the old song – let’s have a video of you singing it!

  2. Happy birthday! Love all those huge smiles.

  3. Happy birthday, I’m sure the party will be fabulous! Over-dressed? Why not? Go for it!
    Betsy looks lovely – not only your besty but your boss! xxx

  4. And I missed it this year! Sending you hugs!

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