Never, Ever Worn?

This is actually downright embarrassing,
but I have a whole section of clothing that I’ve never, ever worn…


 I’m the kind of gal that buys something and immediately takes it out of the bag
and removes the tags.  I throw it in the wash or hang it up pretty much right away.
Sure, sometimes,
especially with thrifting,
a piece is bought off-season, so you can’t wear it for awhile…
but if that’s not the problem, just what is it?


I think it’s a crime…maybe even a sin…to keep these items hostage in my closet and not liberate them in one way or another.
(Then there’s the whole question of why am I allowing myself to buy new stuff before wearing what I have…
but I’ll get back around to that later.)

So, starting with the wraps:


There’s this little white crocheted shrug,
which already looks kinda tired and sad…


this Free People loose sweater,
which is fabulous, but shapeless…


a lightweight swing-y dusty rose sweater,
the kind of thing I’m always searching for…


this basic, albeit wrinkled, denim blazer,
which is darling and I want it to work,
but it’s a little too loose, and it just doesn’t…


and this hippie-esque topper,
which is looking quite like a blob on the hanger, but actually has some shape to it.
***try to keep***

WoW!  This was so much easier to decide in a more public forum!
Stay tuned…styling of these beauties starts tomorrow.

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~ by admin_aef on August 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Never, Ever Worn?”

  1. I love using the word “liberate”! Maybe thinking in that way will help me liberate some of my own STUFF. ;)

  2. Oh my! This is so me :-/ that’s why I decided not to buy anything until the end of year. Like you I have far to many pieces in my wardrobe which I never have worn even once :-( But it’s good to know I am not the only one.
    Have a lovely day.

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