Odd Molly Brand

What a great name, Odd Molly.
Made me like it sight unseen.




Odd Molly isn’t an invented concept.

Odd Molly is for real.

We met 10 years ago and understood immediately that we had a magical connection and an idea worth building a company on. We saw something in our meeting that was missing in fashion heaven and liked the idea of complementing the market, not just competing. Today, 10 years later, we know we were right.

Our personal commitment to an aesthetic design and feeling hasn’t changed. We will always give our pens free reign in respectful ignorance of what trends say we should do. We will always stand up for women as a phenomenon far beyond what today’s superficial values make her out to be. These two things are deeply rooted in Odd Molly’s soul, simply because we are company built on people, on humanity and commitment.

Our message, and our design’s, is for real. It’s wildly beautiful, it’s heartfelt and it’s needed. In the past, today and in the future.

And, yes, we will always argue affectionately, challenge conventions and at the same time enjoy a little friendly laugh.

Everyone is an ideal.

You are perfect because you are not.

Vive la difference!


Based in Stockholm Sweden,
Odd Molly is some of the most luxurious, well-made, romantic, and beautifully styled bohemian clothing available.
Each piece is numbered…each a piece of art.

I am lucky enough to own two pieces.

This embroidered top was purchased on E-bay.


This sweater was bought retail at a 20% off sale.
A once in a lifetime splurge, perhaps,
but definitely worth it to own a killer piece of wearable art.

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