Packing for Santa Fe

August 1-6 marks my third annual trip to Santa Fe to sell my artwork on the square with my friend, Leia.


The play-by-play is posted  here on my AlterEgoMexicana blog.

So, everybody knows that Santa Fe is a really hip place, so you can’t go and look all frumpy, now, can you?

So…I’m packing…UGH!


I don’t know about you, but I spend hours agonizing over what to take on trips…and right now, I just plain don’t have the time!
So this year, I’ve decided to just take stuff that I wear all the time…DUH!


Raj Tunics with rolled-up jeans,



a couple skirts for the actual show days,


and something dressy for our celebration dinner at El Ferrol on Canyon Road.
End of story!

I’m off to work hard and play hard…
have a great week everyone!

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  1. The packing is looking great to me – love the tunics and both skirts, the print on the circle one is incredible.
    Have a fun trip, hope your art sells well! xxx

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