Party On, Yo!

My husband is turning 60 this week and yours truly wanted to have a party.
So instead of blogging, I’ve been living, eating, and breathing party.
It finally happened last Friday.


We had the outstandingly incredible Drew Hall and Anton Teschner play.
Words cannot express my amazement and delight when these guys jam.
I’m blown away every time.
This photo doesn’t exactly portray that energy and gaiety…the friendly instrumental sparing I’m speaking of…
but truly, it was outrageously magnificent.


Aren’t these youngsters cuter that the devil himself?


Looks like a stage, doesn’t it?
It’s the blurry cocktail indulgences.


As for ping-pong,
I think that men are surprised at my competency at the table, if I do say so myself.
They start out so nice…
but quickly get spooked by the would-be humiliation of losing to a girl
only to revert to their cut-throat tactics and spinny serves that often get me in the end…


The weather had been cool and windy for a solid week before the party,
but somehow the weather was 76* with a faint breeze that day.


Everybody was to bring a salad…and people made some delightfully special ones.
It was genius!
Seriously…try it this summer.

Truth is,
my dear Nancy made homemade sourdough bread
and sweetie Beth made gluten-free blueberry/peach crisps,


 I was checking out who was hanging near the coolers…if you know what I mean?
Uh huh…uh huh


Friends old and new
A Sweet Husband
BadAss Music
Perfect Weather
Favorite People
Great Energy
Awesome Salads
Homemade Bread
Varied Thirst Quenchers
Party Favors
Dessert from Scratch


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6 Responses to “Party On, Yo!”

  1. Looks like a great party, cute youngsters and all! There seem to be a lot of folks hitting 60 this year – prime Baby Boomers! Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. Festive and fun, looks like. Happy birthday to your husband! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, too, xo.

  3. What a fabulous occasion! It looks as though you thought of everything, and I’m sure all the guests had a brilliant time.
    Happy birthday to your husband – let him win at table tennis, Dawn, be kind! xxxx

  4. Wow, your husband is one lucky guy to celebrate his 60th with friends and love ones in a fun party like this. Had I been there, I would be hogging the ping pong table too, LOL!

  5. It was a wonderful birthday party! The food was fabulous and the folks were friendly.

  6. Oh, good job! Lovely bash, you clever girl. Clearly he had a good time, you look lovely and the photos are charming! Please tell him from Dan and I that the fun is just beginning!
    I’ve only had one birthday party in my life, and I always hint around for another. No one, so far, is biting, but I don’t give up nagging Dan for one!

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