Personal Style: I Don’t Care!

I’ve never blindly followed fashion trends or “rules.”

Oh sure…
100 years ago, when I was a elementary teacher, I couldn’t go too crazy,
but even then my taste was offbeat…
at least for this conservative little town.

Any more,
I don’t care

if I ruffle a few feathers with my
casual-bohemian/hint-of-flower-child style.


I don’t care
that I’m short
and I adore wearing long tunics.


I don’t care
that I’m over 50 and I wear slips on the outside…


I don’t care
if maxi-sweaters aren’t the norm for my age group.



I don’t care
if people think it’s weird to wear dresses over jeans,


and furthermore…
I don’t care
if people don’t appreciate my funky footwear.

It’s all about finding styles that you feel comfortable in, and just going for it!


The best advice I’ve ever heard about personal style is this:

Whatever you end up wearing,
be sure to “own it” and proceed with confidence…
and just a teensy hint of attitude!

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8 Responses to “Personal Style: I Don’t Care!”

  1. That’s the attitude!

  2. I love your style it is so funky and fun.Your blog is great and I look forward to each new entry!!!

  3. I always knew you would do something always were doing stuff….I love your style and the mixture of the funky clothes..For some reason I haven’t seen your blog before…..but i just signed up!

  4. Wonderful looks, Dawn, and good for you for following the beat of your own drum. Dressing in a way that makes you happy is always the way to go!

  5. Hats off! I like this attitude :) after all style/fashion is a personal expression of an individual.. no right or wrong, no rules! Actually I like your style of no particular style.. I adore most if not all of your pieces shown here and in every post.. keep going!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  6. You have this mad skill of knowing what you love and loving it enough to wear it well. And you have the best hair these days!
    So glad to know you, my bo-ho genius girlfriend!

  7. You have such a creative way to dress and style. It’s good to have fun with fashion, you always amaze me :)
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits

  8. Wow. You have so many pieces I would cheerfully steal. Your shoe game is amazing!!!! If you ever want to trade accessories, let’s talk!! XXOO

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