Peter Pan’s Swans


I’m a sucker for a Peter Pan collar.

I have no idea where this might have come from, or what it might mean about me psychologically,
but they’re really sweet and they just plain make me happy.


I bought this little red  Yumi top online @ HauteLook recently,
and if you shop there, you know that sizing is always a trick, at best.
But it showed up at my door, fitting perfectly,
with its darling PP collar,
it’s gorgeous oxblood-colored-swan-studded fabric,
billowy sleeves,
and lots of little brass buttons cascading down the back.


But,  hmmmm….
who am I to be wearing swans?
And on a, dare I say, shortie top, no less???


Yumi Swan Blouse
Weston Wear Rushed Pencil Skirt
OTBT Platforms

I thought that it would be cute with a black skinny skirt…but even my prayers couldn’t help this pairing.
The adjectives ho-hum, matronly, and tubb-o came to mind.


Desigual Jeans

I tried it with lighter-tighter jeans,
but even their snazzy embroidery and multi-button fly couldn’t save this look.


Urban Outfitter BDG Jeans
London Fly Red Boots

How about skinny jeans?
I wear them CONSTANTLY, it seems, and they always work…
Well, it could be worse…see above.


Rock Revival Destroyed Jeans
Pikolino Boots

So, I must have been feeling bad-ass today,
because I finally settled with my destroyed jeans and lace-up red boots.
Definitely my favorite look…
right at this moment in time, that is.



Vintage Filigree Earrings
Boutique Red Leather Bracelet
Sahalie Wrap Leather Bracelet

Give Peter Pan’s swans some matchy-matchy red footwear action,
vintage filigree earrings,
and a couple of leather bracelets…
and go!

No tunics today.
Sometimes I shock even myself!

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7 Responses to “Peter Pan’s Swans”

  1. Great colour, print and collar, and yes, I think I agree, the top works best with the distressed jeans and fab red boots! Not remotely matronly, Dawn! xxxx

  2. Yeah, I prefer this cute top with jeans and boots.. better balance and silhouette. I has my Disegual skirt on the other day (posted today) and thought about you :)


  3. Oh, what a perfect little top! Love the swans, the collar, everything! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. You love them ’cause you’re a ROMANTIC, of course. Nothing more romantic than a pair of swans. And a very cute on, as this looks great no matter how your wear it. And you’re all ready for Valentines day, too!

  5. I like this top on you in all your stylings, especially shoved into your jeans. Clearly you are not a fan of how it sits on your hips, “matronly and tubb-o”? Bwa-ha-ha. Hack off a few inches and say you bought it that way.

  6. great collection of red boots / shoes. I love the strappy ones. I had a pair similar while in college days (70′s)

  7. Totally cute blouse. We should all wear swans and BE swans from time to time. I kinda liked that Urban Outfitters look.

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