Pink? Mauve? Dusty Rose?

I have this great little swing sweater that I’ve never worn, but it has always made “the cut”…
so I need to get this styled…
or it, too, is a goner!


It has this beautiful open-weave knit going on,  an awesome silhouette,
and it’s a great color…no matter what it’s called…
yet I haven’t been wearing it!

Why?  WHY?  W-H-Y???


It looks beautiful with anything that has even the slightest pink in it…


and works with all lengths, including this maxi dress


and this short skirt.


It looks great over (perhaps plain) jeans and even over a tunic!


It just goes to show you that if you really like a piece and can spend a little time playing in the closet..all things are possible!

I wish I was linking with Patti’s Visible Monday, but I’ll be camping at the Grand Canyon instead!
Happy week, everyone!

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4 Responses to “Pink? Mauve? Dusty Rose?”

  1. Hmm…is it too close to your skin color? I didn’t see a pic of you actually wearing it, but my guess is, the color doesn’t do it for you… :)

  2. I thought the outfits all looked adorable, a definite keeper! Great with the jeans and tunic, and a nice layer as fall approaches with the dresses.
    Have fun camping!

  3. It looks fabulous over the maxi dress, and the jeans/tunic combo.
    have a great weekend! xxxx

  4. This color is one of my favorites! Rhubarb! Rhubarb plays well with sunrise/sunset colors. This color will be great for spring, keep it in the family and be patient, you’ll find lots more compatible layers!…

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