Prescott’s Music Showcase

With Christmas fast approaching,
local festivities abound,
and every style-minded girl gets to put together a special outfit or two that express her joyous holiday persona.

Last night was Acker Night…
the town of Prescott’s annual musical showcase evening,
when the streets are closed to traffic
and all the merchants have live music and refreshments for the wandering townsfolk.


It’s estimated that several thousands of people venture downtown for this raucous affair…
this highlight of “Arizona’s Christmas City.”

It’s also the perfect opportunity to get all gussied up,
as we serve up a little wassel and sweets to our patrons.


Clothes Hound opened on Acker Night two years ago.
Instead of wandering the streets in search of the perfect blues beat,
I was a worker bee last evening.

We were all safe and warm, and privy to the vivacious beat of  bongos, guitar,
and killer vocals brought to us by
Lady and the Tramps.

In trying to figure out what to wear I came up with three viable options:




This 4 Love and Liberty Tunic felt luxurious,
but somehow not quite right for my impending state of whimsy.





My black Free People Parisian Slip worked, with a black skirt underneath for warmth,
but I didn’t find quite the right combination to suit my mood, either.


Enter my embroidered Free People Slip.
Beautiful in its own right…


quite sexy with an edgy moto jacket and a short skirt underneath…

and just right,
teamed with that black skirt
(Hey!  It was 24* out there last night!)
and a shapely vintage blazer.


Yup..I was feeling my joyous holiday persona, all right!

now what I should wear to the Clothes Hound party next week?

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9 Responses to “Prescott’s Music Showcase”

  1. It will be hard to top what you wore to the town festivities, um, I mean work, although the cheer naturally flowed through the shop. Looks like a fun event. I love hub-bub – but only if I can make a quick escape. Great band name!

  2. Cute outfits and I love the gold blazer! Wow, that cold in Arizona? I thought it was only cold here in Boston! lol xoxo

  3. I quite liked the black outfit with the brown (bronze?) blazer.

  4. Wow, look how fab you are in that black lace skirt, Dawn! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. All three would have made great choices, but yes, the sheer numb with the moot jacket is very sassy! I do love the sleeves of the first tunic, and the lacy drama of the black dress too. What a fun event, can’t beat a happy crowd and lots of live music. xxxx

  6. I really like the final outfit you decided on!!

  7. Great choice … all your options were very cool indeed, but your final was a super-winner. So festive, and you look beautiful!

  8. Yes, you made the right choice. Sounds like a fun night! But then, work is always better when you’re drinking, I mean partying!

    Your house is so cool!

  9. I have just found you from Patti’s visible monday and I have to say I love your bohemian look! I adore flared sleeves and so I love the first dress/tunic! Love it!! Hugs, Beata

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