Putting it all Together

Let’s revisit that first Santa Fe tunic, outside in what Mr. E and I affectionately call our “inner sanctum.”

How about wearing it with Hue jeggings, a seed necklace from San Miguel de Allende, and OTBT platforms?


Or a wine-colored belt


and a pair of rockin’ Earthies sandals?
(Don’t mind the sap in the deck, which might look like something totally different, if one wasn’t in the know…)


Throw on a pair of red-spiked earrings and a leather bracelet, and you’re in matchy-matchy heaven!
(Want to take a gander at what my favorite color is yet?)


Tune in this week for accessorizing the other two tunics in question…


complete with a few more glimpses of this magical place where Mr. E and I gather our “vigor and enthusiasm” each day – to continue working on this gargantuan project we call home.

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5 Responses to “Putting it all Together”

  1. I love a tunic over leggings, and you look terrific, Dawn. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. Love tunics, and thank you for clearing up that sap situation. I was wondering what that was. :-)

  3. The tunic looks great, loving all the red accessories. Your home looks intriguing, show us more! xxx

  4. Really a cute look … red is such a great color for you. Not the only, but one of many! Very cute (and easy-to-wear looking) little platforms. Just right.
    Happy for you that your home is your sanctuary. Also, just as it should be!

  5. Love a good pair of wedges!

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