Qwest for Casual Charm

My daily fashion goal is to look like it took me no time whatsoever
to put together some great ensemble…

and then to really mean it!

In my case,
that actually takes some preliminary planning on my part…
I’ve decided to take pictures of my favorite outfits
and post them on the back of my closet door for quick reference!

Here are some cold-weather “go to” outfits that are working for me so far:


Free People Sweater
Blue Sky Tunic
El Naturalista Boots

Free People Sweater Cut Loose Tunic Ground Hog Boots

Free People Sweater
Cut loose Tunic
Ground Hog Green Boots


J Jill Sweater Dress
Free People Long Plaid Shirt
El Naturalista Boots

All of these outfits basically consist of TUNICS with something longer over the top,


Free People Patchwork Button Down
One Clothing Dress
OTBT Moto Boots


Odd Molly Sweater
BB Dakota & Jack Dress
El Naturalista Boots


Free People Tunic
Free People Swing Tee
Pikolinos Boots

or TUNICS with something shorter over the top.

Not exactly earth-shattering news, I know,
but layering with different lengths is essential.
I mean,
why not have something pretty sticking out that contributes to keeping you warm?


Speaking of which,
I wanted to take some pictures outside,
but this is what it looks like on my back porch (Prescott, AZ) right now.


Being housebound on a frigid day
I got really cozy and
just kept layering it up!

I did get to play in my closet for a couple of hours yesterday though,
and I came up with some new combos,
which I’ll unveil soon!

Hoping to see you for Visible Monday @ Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style Blog!

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4 Responses to “Qwest for Casual Charm”

  1. Your selection of tunics and sweaters in these gorgeous colours is amazing. You look warm and fantastic in all of these combos. I like the last photo where you’re playing. I like the idea of photos in the closet. Look forward to seeing the other combos.

  2. I love those long sweaters, and what a great way to keep warm all the way down! I layer up, but then get a hot flash and have to be able to throw the top layer off – FAST! I look forward to the day when I can be as creative as you with layering.

    BTW, you are a living advertisement for Qwest, the phone company. Didn’t we used to spell it QUEST? Damn corporations!

  3. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Tunic + short/long layer + jeans + boots are your go-to warm and stylish look, and that’s just fine! You look great, you choose such lovely pieces in warm colours, and they suit you perfectly. xxx

  4. Love, love, love the 2 Free People long cardigan! I have to take mine out soon.. you know something, I think we would make good shopping buddy to each other.. I totally ‘dig’ your style!

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