Rockin’ A Vintage Dress @ 55?

I’ve been thinking about what to wear to my art opening at the Raven Cafe on May  9th (Art Show Haiku ) and love the idea of rockin’ a great vintage dress.

I have two suitable dresses,  but unfortunately, both are too small for me right now…

What’s a  girl to do?



Luckily, I have a little time on my side…and who knows what will happen in the next seven weeks?

Perhaps a manifestation of the perfect vintage dress?
Or renewed dedication to my healthy diet?
A  new dress all together?
Something else?

Only time…and a little blogging will tell!

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5 Responses to “Rockin’ A Vintage Dress @ 55?”

  1. Both dresses look delicious – and the second one is just perfection, imho. But you’ll be fabulous whichever, and whatever you choose. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. The first dress is so much fun and you picked the perfect shoes!!

  3. Beautiful dresses! You have time….good luck!!

  4. Vintage has no age limit! Cute outfits… can’t wait to see you in one!

  5. Belated thanks for visiting my blog and my apologies for not commenting sooner (I did visit right away, ooh and ahhd over your style, bookmarked you, then didn’t come back until now _ I’m blaming pregnancy brain). I absolutely love your style – putting you on my blogroll before I forget again! xo

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