Santa Fe Supreme


I’ve come to the conclusion that Santa Fe is the supreme city of all-things-tunic,
so naturally, I ended buying…uh few…on my recent trip.


This retro style tunic/dress
with great fabric reminiscent of yesteryear…


a very reasonable hot pink eyelet number…


and my on-sale southwestern hooded sweetie…
a darling little dress for around the house, or a casual top around town.


Check out Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday (starting Sunday @ 2:00) for styling tips on these very tunics.

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~ by admin_aef on August 14, 2013.

4 Responses to “Santa Fe Supreme”

  1. These tunics have grown on me, and I was just given my first one (embroidered 100% silk) from a friend who I introduced to your blog…now off to buy some skinny jeans!

  2. Oh yes, tunes tunics look wonderful paired with cropped jeans and chunky sandals, the colours are beautiful, and the whole look is just perfectly you! xxxx

  3. “tunes”? This iPad has a mind of its own! I meant “those”! xxxx

  4. I had so much fun here this morning…
    you are the most best fashionista!
    I loved that wedding gown too, fabulous!

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