Shapeless to Flattering???

I’ve been going through my closet, attempting to figure out why I haven’t worn certain pieces…yet.


In my first line-up, I immediately eliminated two pieces and then styled another.
My next trick is to style this gorgeous Free People sweater.
I think it’s a beauty, but the fact that it has little shape to it is of concern.


I usually go for longer pieces that lengthen my silhouette, or fitted pieces that create a slimming line.
This has neither, plus it has some…gasp…pastel colors in it!!!


My first attempt was to wear it over a slim dress.



Then I tried it over a couple longer tunics with skinny jeans…

Then a long skirt…


and even over a short skirt,
although having a tan might help on this one!


In my book, the tunic-over-skinny-jeans-look wins…what a surprise!

Regardless, I’m now excited to wear this piece and can see that it’s definitely a keeper.


Next up…

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~ by admin_aef on August 31, 2013.

3 Responses to “Shapeless to Flattering???”

  1. You know what you like best, but I think it looks really nice over the sleek lines of the dress in the first picture.

  2. I’m with Val actually, I think it look great over the fitted pink dress (which is killer on you, btw!) But I think you can work the sweater as a layering piece over your favourite tunic/jeans combo. I’m not much good with shapeless things, I always feel kinda saggy and baggy in them… xxxx

  3. I think it looks best over skinny jeans. The one with the green tunic is my favorite. And, from what I have seen so far, it’s totally you.
    Have a nice day

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