Shoes vs Purses

When it comes to my fashion dollar, I definitely fall into the footwear camp.


Even with my funny-shaped, size 5D tootsies

I’ve managed to find plenty of sandals/shoes/boots to wear.

Of course, I have a few purses,
but not that many compared to lots of my cohorts.
I’m into functionality and ease all the way.
They can’t be butt-ugly, mind you…
they must exhibit some panache or they wouldn’t make it into my limited closet space in the first place.


So, I have my basic warm and cold weather bags,
which are always  medium-sized leather crossbody purses with a top zipper and at least one outside pocket.
Hey!   It works for me!


I have some antique purses


and a few smallish bags for hands-free festivities.


But recently,
I have…uh…acquired…a few more vintage tooled leather bags…
something, it seems, that makes my heart flutter.


Now, I’m an earthy kinda girl,
so I don’t see many new handbags that turn me on…
but there’s something in the fact that these little darlings have been hand tooled
that strikes in me, an overtly joyous nerve.


They’re very affordable
the best part is that I can actually use them…while still playing the uniqueness card.


And like a glorious margarita…no two are ever really the same…

So, what camp do you fall in…

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~ by admin_aef on November 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Shoes vs Purses”

  1. You have quite an excellent collection of purses, especially the hand-tooled ones! They are so lovely. I guess I should be looking for one of them.

    Now why has no one made shoes like that? Or have they? I’m going to Google to have a look…

  2. I’m definitely in the blue drinks category. Haha!
    I’m a shoe gal. I loved purses when I was 12 or so but I can’t get back that loving feeling, even though I have so many.
    As one with flipper feet I admire your tiny ones.
    Incredible purse collection.

  3. Your tooled leather bags are beautiful, and you certainly have some great boots too. Me, I don’t really go crazy for either bags or shoes. I have plenty of both, of course, but they don’t make my heart beat faster like a beautiful vintage dress or coat would. I know – I’m clearly weird! xxxx

  4. I would say that I am more of a bag lady than shoes. I have so many bags, I counted, 25 of them and yet I hardly use some of them :( I promised myself that 2014 would be a bag purchase free year.. we’ll see how I manage


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