Sneaky Animals!

So I have challenges some with white…and I’m working it…really…
I’m pretty clear about animal prints!


I can appreciate them (usually in smallish doses) on others,
but they just aren’t me.




I recently bought a lighter weight 3/4 sleeve denim jacket for summer, and seriously, after I washed it…


its true colors came out!
I was with a non-animal-print-loving girlfriend when trying it on, and she said that she hadn’t noticed either…


Maybe the universe is hinting that I need to open up my bohemian mind???

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~ by admin_aef on June 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sneaky Animals!”

  1. Try to think of it as a “pattern”, just as you would any other. It is relatively subtle.

  2. I don’t like animal prints either. And they are everywhere! Sometimes I am drawn to a print only to find on closer inspection that it’s an animal print. Yes indeed, they have gotten sneakier about it. And the jacket…I dunno mujer. I probably wouldn’t wear it after being shown it’s true colors. But you can pull it off and I’m sure you’ll look fabulous. As always.

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