Stylin’ the Hippie Topper


So…here’s the seemingly shapeless hippie-esque topper,
bought @ Passamientre  in Santa Fe last summer,
taken in several inches by my seamstress…
and then never worn!



It seems to be working with my destroyed boyfriend capris and a little Lucky Brand ethnic top…


 and with my Hard Tail skirt and an orange tee…


and with my long denim pencil skirt…


and with my Free People printed tunic and skinny jeans.

Oh sure,
a few attempts didn’t work at all, but I found enough that did to decide that this is a keeper, for sure!
One down, 34 unworn pieces to go!
(See my embarrassment admission here.)


Stay tuned as I work on that cool Free people Sweater.
I love it,
but it’s sort of pastel-ish and has no shape…
not the best thing  for this short…uh…ample figure of mine.
That’ll be my next trick!

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4 Responses to “Stylin’ the Hippie Topper”

  1. I like this one best with the skirts. I’m amazed you have so many clothes you have never worn! Using your blog to get them out and seen is a good idea, and thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  2. I was dumbfounded when I counted the unworn items, too…thinking maybe I had 15-20 pieces (still a lot, I know). I thought I’d come clean on a public forum…sort of a penance thing…and get this all cleaned up before making new purchases.
    I’ve just started to sell items on E-bay to help with the cleanse, as well!

  3. The colour and pretty shape of that tunic/topper is too good not to wear it! (Topper seems odd to write, it isn’t a word we use in the UK, apart from as a term for a top hat, but I can’t think of a better one!) I don’t have any completely unworn clothes, but I have several things I rarely wear, and I think they will have to be moved along, either via Ebay or donated to charity shops. Xxxxx

  4. LOVE the last outfit, pattern mixing at its finest!

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