The Ultimate Black Skirt

With all this skirt angst hovering about,
I finally found what might be the perfect black skirt for summer! 


Weston Wear Ruched Skirt

Oh, I know it doesn’t look like much on a hanger,
but the great thing about this pencil skirt 
 ***besides the color, length, stretch, and the sweet ruching up the sides***
is, that because of its narrow silhouette, 
it can be worn with billowy tops just like skinny jeans,
and still keep the proportion right.  
(AlterEgoFashionista Tip #2)


I’ve already shared the outfit that we put together at Hop Sing Trading Company for my art opening last week…


but then I just started playing in my closet…




…and realized the
and ease
that makes me want to keep wearing this (and other choice skirts)
 even more than once a week, as committed.

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12 Responses to “The Ultimate Black Skirt”

  1. My favorite pairing would be the 3rd one which in my opinion really showcasing that stunning unique skirt! We should go shopping together ;) I want to know where you get all these fab pieces!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  2. Not very often do I wear short tops…but it does happen…and when better than with a skirt? I would LOVE to shop with you, but the truth is, I probably get at least 30% of my pieces online!

  3. Looks great on you. I agree we have to be careful about judging clothing on the hanger.

  4. Great lesson for us all about not judging a skirt by its hanger! Love these looks – thanks for sharing with VisibleMonday.

  5. This is very inspiring – it looks good with everything!

  6. A great skirt you got there! Love the different looks! Cute cute cute!

  7. Besides the color, length, and all the ways you brilliantly wore this skirt, I want to take it right off your hanger. Great job!

  8. This skirt is clearly a wardrobe staple. I love how you’ve styled it so many different ways. You have a great eye for seeing how this thing can go from a little nothing on a hanger to WOW.

  9. I’m definitely sold on this idea! A narrow skirt is a perfect alternative to skinny pants. I’ll be trying this!

  10. A new follower! LOVE the way you are wearing this skirt with the longer tops/dresses! Great looks!

  11. What a completely original, completely perfect styling lesson!
    Of course it goes with everything.
    You look adorable in each photo. You should be well pleased with yourself, smarty pants … no, smarty skirt!

  12. I’m a big fan of ruching!

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