They Don’t Fit!!!!!

Have you ever bought something online that you absolutely
but it turns out that it doesn’t/they don’t fit, and you can’t return them?


I drooled over these GORGEOUS John Fluevog  Mary Janes…
the color,
the shape,
the embroidery,
the heels,
the quality leather,
the side-slung straps…
everything about them!


And due to the fact that I recently started selling on E-bay,
I was able to buy them without even feeling it,
and at a very fair price, too.


I had a pair of Fluevog booties in my regular size six before, so I felt good about the sizing…
but this size six is just a little too long for my hobbit feet!


DRAT and double DRAT!
Ah…but guess where these are going ASAP?
Know any size sixes with impeccable taste???

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~ by admin_aef on September 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “They Don’t Fit!!!!!”

  1. Oh, if I were only a size six… Sad to hear they don’t fit. Guess you’ll just have to find another pair.

  2. Oh that’s a shame, they are lovely shoes. I have seen other bloggers complain that Fluevog sizing can be variable. Oh well, Ebay here they come! xxxx

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