Vintage Score!

I frequent the local  swap meet most every week in search of treasure.


Luckily “treasure” has a different meaning for folks, and even with tons of people there shopping, I always seem to come away with something, either for resale in my antique booth, for my eclectic artwork, or sometimes for my own collections.

This week I totally hit the jackpot!


I scored this pristine tooled leather purse for a mere $7!


Even with its age and fawn color, it doesn’t have a mark on it, and the leather is soft and supple.  Most likely it’s been lovingly packed away for decades. 


 I usually go for crossbody purses, but this is just too darling to part with, no?

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~ by admin_aef on May 21, 2013.

3 Responses to “Vintage Score!”

  1. A beautiful find, and just your style. It might have been “too good to use”. You could use it as an occasional evening bag, when it wouldn’t acquire wear and could be admired. (BTW, I always admire the rug in the background as well!)

  2. WHAT? $7? Boy, did you hit the jack pot! That’s one gorgeous bag!

  3. It’s beautiful! And pristine – you did get lucky!

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