White Pieces…Me?

For whatever reason, WHITE just doesn’t thrill me so much.

I mean,
we don’t have one white wall in the house,
it rarely shows up in my artwork, and
I don’t even own a true white pair of shoes!


So in a closet full of jewel-toned clothing,
I’ve taken a giant leap this year by adding several new white(ish) pieces to my very undiluted mix.


Free People Handkerchief Hem Tunic


Kleen Blouse/Jacket
(Okay, so I got a second one in “tea stain” a few days later…)


Cupio Lace Inset Top


Candies Lace Boatneck

Now, the trick is to pair them up with suitable bottoms…because,
as we all know,
sometimes things look great together on hangers,
but not so much on your livin’, breathin’ body!

Join me as the quest to find suitable combos begins this weekend!

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  1. I buy white because it looks so pristine and then, wow, I have a hard time wearing anything that feels good. Good luck in your quest.

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