White Power #1

Okay, so how do I wear white without feeling weird?
I went to put this on the other day for a dinner party and it just wasn’t working for me at all…
but it looked so cute on at the store!

I mean, it has a little lace goin’ on, a touch of floral bouquet,
and I’m totally a sucker for a handkerchief hem…


so there has to be something in my closet that will rock that gorgeous piece
off the hanger, yes?


Tailored denim is an easy go-to,


as is a cropped 3/4 sleeve version,


or a printed blue/white/coral blazer for a wee bit of pattern mixing.


Pastels are very rare in my closet, but somehow peach makes the grade.


Then there’s that red checkered top with saucy espadrilles…


or a cute little summer shrug.


Lastly I ventured into
white-on-white territory…
but I’m not sure I can get my head around this just yet!!!


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11 Responses to “White Power #1”

  1. I like all the variations of your white-top stylings. I can see why you couldn’t resist buying the top in the first place. I think in the mood I’m in today, the pastel coral jacket is my favourite.

  2. I really like this top and you certainly proved how versatile it is!! It looks great with your denim crops!

  3. I love how you work all your clothing together, and it all looks great! My favorite look is with the denim short jacket, but I really like them all. Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday!

  4. I wouldn’t have left the store without this beautiful top either. Great combinations you came up with. When you get to know me better, you would have guessed which version I like best, definitely the checked shirt with the saucy espardilles. But I’m a sucker for the white on white, it gave it such a feminine touch which I love with denim.

  5. Love that wonderful top.

  6. I’m so bad at layering so thank you for the inspiration! I love all the different looks – fantastic! At last, I’ve ordered my first denim jacket, so look forward to seeing how it looks on me :-)

  7. I too have a hard time with white. I think it’s because I am so used to wearing black or dark prints. My fav version is with the cropped denim jacket, but all are cute!

  8. Hey, cool style. This is realy not usal in germany. But I realy like it. Have a good time.

  9. So many choices! You look great in all of them. Wear all of them! There aren’t any rule to be broken.

  10. Pretty solutions. How about colored jeans, or some crisp white denims …skinny style? Lovely top, I agree!

  11. oh boy i love that top on you! Great to find you via patti’s visible monday and wanted to let you know i’m holding a new fashion linky every tuesday over at my place starting next week! the shiny t tuesday posts are becoming a link up with prompts…the prompy for next week is ‘WHEN PATTERNS SPEAKS’ Would be fab to see you there xxx jane xxxx

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