Workin’ It!

Next on my list of
is this yellow and purple wrap-y, vest-like, flowy number.


This in NOT my color,
but the style, and the fact that there was some purple peeking out, initially won me over.


That, and the beautiful (albeit fragile) detailing in the weave.


Come to find out, I had this great summer dress in my closet


that had all the right colors in it


and that could easily be layered for fall.
It’s not adding much in the way of warmth, but so what?
It has “add that third piece” written all over it!


I’m struggling to get away from so much matchy-matchy,
and therein, it looks like the possibilities are endless…
so a keeper, it is!

Wanting to link with Patti’s Visible Monday @, but I see that it’s not happening this week.
Darn it!
I’ll be on the road next week…continuing summer’s calling!
I hope you all are enjoying the best time of the year, as I like to call it!

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2 Responses to “Workin’ It!”

  1. For all the reasons you said, I like that piece too. It adds a fantastic final touch to your outfits. I’m glad you’ve found ways to make it work!

  2. I think it’s good to give little or unworn items another try, that one looks lovely with the dress. Who knows what else you’ll discover in your wardrobe which deserves a second chance?! Have a good trip. xxx

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